Join us in thanking our nurse/medical staff as well as our detention officers for Nurse and Detention Officer Appreciation Week!  These staff members are dedicated, professional, and above all are a huge part of the WCSO family! Their jobs are vital to the daily operations for the safety and security of our detention center.  Our daily average has been 185 inmates for the past 60 days and has been above 170 for the past six months.  Our Detention Officers help serve 3 meals daily, supervise intake, help with medications and medical calls (when needed) and help ensure we have the cleanest and best detention facility in the state! Recently a representative from ACCO (Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma) and he stated the Washington County Detention Center is the cleanest facility he has seen in the entire state of Oklahoma! This speaks volumes to the dedication of our staff and the work ethic they maintain. Our medical staff work 7 days a week ensuring medical calls are answered and medical needs are  met timely for the inmates.  Our nurses maintain complete and thorough records on each person they see and coordinate needs and assessments with our contracted doctor (local doctor who comes in weekly). 

"We are truly blessed to have an awesome detention officer and medical staff and words cannot express my thanks and appreciation to my team!" said Sheriff Owen.