Bartlesville, Oklahoma, May 13, 2021- The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the launch of our official website to the public. 

The website will serve numerous functions, from finding information about the status of an inmate to giving the ability to provide anonymous tips on crimes committed. Additionally, it will be a resource that will give the same information that you would get when attempting to contact our offices: all at the tip of your fingers to access yourself. We will also have regular communication with the community on the site and conduct things such as Sheriff Sales so that you, the residents of Washington County, will have that information readily available to you. 

The most important thing that the website will provide is transparency and accountability within our department while communicating information to you, our residents. We feel that if the information is easily accessible, then it will keep the phone lines clear for individuals who may be contacting the office with an urgent situation. 

Sheriff Owen states, “Our office receives numerous calls from family and friends of inmates as well as other offices to see the status of an inmate. Now this information is available on our website with regular and frequent updates. The site will also let you report crimes anonymously without the worry of being overheard during a call to our office.”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, established in 1907, continues to be an office of integrity, efficiency, and prioritizes protecting Washington County residents. You can find out more information about our office at https://www.washingtoncosheriff.com/.