Car thefts and break-ins are on the rise, and this sudden upsurge of vandalism victimizes innocent people. While you cannot prevent your vehicle from being stolen, here are a couple of things that you can do to protect your car from being broken into or stolen. 

purse being stolen from a car window

Lock Your Doors

This sounds like something so easy to do, yet lots of people forget to secure their vehicles. Often, cars that are broken into can successfully steal from inside a car because they had easy access. Taking this simple step can deter a low-level burglar from continuing their attempted robbery of your vehicle. 

Remove Your Keys from The Car

Another thing that can stop a potential theft of your car is not leaving your keys inside of a running vehicle. It takes time to attempt to hotwire a car, and thieves are always looking for an easy job. Leaving your keys in the ignition gives them everything they need to take off with your vehicle quickly, with the potential to disappear into traffic without a trace. 

Close Your Windows

On the same level as locking your doors, leaving your windows even partially down provides a crafty thief the opportunity to steal from inside your car or even take off with your vehicle. Numerous things exist to gain access to your car, but something as simple as a coat hanger can be used to trigger the unlock button in your car to let a thief gain entry to your vehicle. 

Install An Anti-Theft System and Audible Alarm Device

Many newer cars come equipped with some form of an anti-theft device, but it might not be as comprehensive as it should be. More recent vehicles come with tracking devices inside them but may not have an audible alarm that would go off when stolen, nor would it prevent the car from moving. Installing a loud alarm system can give you a heads up if your vehicle is being vandalized, along with scaring off the potential burglar. Also, the visual alarm system will make it so that your lights flash and deter a thief. 

Install An Immobilizer System

Taking it a step further from the traditional alarm system, a vehicle immobilizer can stop a car in its track if someone tries to steal it. Being integrated within the electrical system acts as a kill switch of sorts, immediately disabling the vehicle. 

Have A Camera System Watching Your Car

If you are at your home, having a camera system watching where you leave your car can make a thief nervous. Even having faux cameras makes a thief nervous from the uncertainty that accompanies being caught on camera. The last thing that criminals want is to have evidence of their actions. 

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

Something valuable and eye-catching always grabs a thief’s attention. The best way to not lose your rare possessions is not to leave them in your vehicle unattended. If it is extremely rare, locks and raised windows will not stop a thief from breaking into your car. Keep valuables out of the line of sight, perhaps even locking them in the trunk or a locking glovebox if you need to leave them inside of your vehicle. 

Car thefts are impossible to predict when they will occur, but you can protect your vehicle and your belongings from vandalism or worse with these tips.